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Why you will never be
happy with Instagram

Deleting Social Medias and Turning Their Negative Effects Into Freedom, Succes, Joy, and Healthy Relationships

Dune Costes

134 Pages, ISBN 979 8849 5056 19     
Independently published, 2022     

Instagram is a social media platform that claims to provide communication, satisfaction, confidence, and much more for its users... but is that true? Or is it the opposite? Instagram provides a false perception of people, promotes one to think in a negative mindset, leads people to addiction, and deteriorates relationships as well as our sense of sociability.

In this book, you will learn more about how Instagram is impacting people's lives and their appreciation of living in reality. You will see how you will never be happy with Instagram; the answer is long, but the solution is simple. So, I hope to get your attention throughout this book and help you figure out how to live a life of true happiness.

Dune Costes (born in april 2000) is from France and came to the USA as a student-athlete. She is getting het master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Palm Beach Atlantic. Dune's goal is to open people's minds about what social media platforms are doing to us and to help people realize what is actually important to them.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

Dune Costes tells from her own experiences with Instagram what was already known from studies: Instagram is not good for your mental health  (  &
Dune Costes started on Instagram when she was 14 years old and decided to delete her Instagram account when she was 20 years old. Because she couldn't briefly explain to people why she deleted her Instagram account, she decided to write a book about it. I've read the book with pleasure and interest, nice to read about Instagram from the perspective of someone from the age group that is most represented on Instagram. It looks at Instagram from different angles, both the positive and the negative. An honest book. The book is a must read for teenagers. I heartily recommend it!